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QUIMICOS FIOS LTD is a much active and reliable worldwide ingredients distributor and your supply chain management service provider specializing in the Food, Beverage and Nutritional Industries. With more than 3 years professional experiences in sourcing and marketing, it has been engaged in promoting qualified products to our worldwide clients under GMP, HACCP, KOSHER, ISO, HALLA and other certified process control systems. QUIMICOS FIOS LTD enjoy a competitive market, and is a reliable exporter for some food ingredients like Sweeteners, Phosphates, Nutritional Ingredients, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Starch & Soya Products. Three classic style home Color matching is the first element of clothing collocation, home decoration is also so. When considering the dress loving home, the beginning should have a whole color scheme, in order to determine the choice of decoration colors and furniture and home accessories. If you can use color harmony, you can more arbitrary dress up their love home. 

Black + white + grey = timeless classic Black and white can create a strong visual effect, and in recent years the popular gray into which to ease the black and white visual conflict feeling, thus creating another different flavor. Three kinds of color collocation of the space in the modern sense of the future and is full of cold. In this color situation, will be produced by a simple reason, order and professionalism. In recent years the popular "Zen" style, color performance, pay attention to environmental protection, with no color matching the performance of methods, hemp yarn, natural materials such as coconut weave feeling is very natural looking modernist style. Two, Silver Blue + Dunhuang orange = modern + tradition Blue and orange based color, showing the modern and traditional, ancient and today's intersection, collision with both surreal and retro flavor visual experience. Blue and orange Department originally belong to a strong contrast color system, but in the color of the two sides some changes, so that these two colors can give space a new life. Three, blue + white = romantic warmth 1,Ordinary people at home, do not dare to try too bold color, think or use white safer. If love with white, and if their homes as a hospital, as with the white + blue color, just like the Greek island, and all the houses are white, ceiling, floor, the streets are all painted white lime, appear pale. Furniture is an indispensable part of the family so we should take it seriously. 2, according to the materials used in furniture will be divided into: Jade furniture, solid wood furniture, panel furniture, upholstered furniture, rattan furniture, bamboo furniture, metal furniture, steel wood furniture, and other materials such as glass, marble, ceramic, inorganic minerals, fiber fabric, resin etc.. 3, according to the function of furniture includes: office furniture, outdoor furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, office furniture, children's furniture, restaurant furniture, bathroom furniture, kitchen furniture (equipment) and ancillary furniture and other categories.导航管理--单页面列表里编辑